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Be sure to stop in and check out our Salt Shop! We have a variety of salt lamps and salt products, as well as soaps, aromatherapy products and crystals! All of our salt products come straight from the Himalayan Mountains! Our aromatherapy products are all natural, homemade and from local small business owners.


A session in the Salt Cave is more than just a way to relax. Halotherapy is great for your respiratory health and can benefit a number of conditions from allergies and the common cold to bronchitis and cystic fibrosis. Halotherapy can also help skin conditions, headaches and sinus issues!


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Infrared Sauna

Detoxify your body while taking advantage of the the countless health benefits of an Infrared Sauna. We incorporate Chromotherapy (light therapy) into our sauna sessions to help balance your body's energies. You simply choose the color that suits your healing needs.
The Salt Cave



Healthy breathing

Smoother skin

Fuller breaths

Overall relaxation

Common cold & viruses


Seasonal allergies

Muscle relaxation


Sinus infections

Build your immune system

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